Happy Wife, Happy Life. Husband’s key to a peaceful marriage.

Is this adage even true? Does a Happy Wife make a Happy Life?

Marriage is holy matrimony that unites two persons, it is also a social and legal form, a contract between two individuals to unite themselves, legally, economically, and emotionally.

Romance and Intimacy are also important to spice up your married life.

They say that  Women, are unpredictable, one minute they are ecstatic over something and then they end up being disappointed over a simple text, and will go emotional 360 degrees. Mood changes are evident, especially during the time of month. But, admit it, they look cute with those silly tantrums. A bar of chocolate will be your best friend, so better stack them up!

This saying may be true, if you're a husband and you want a peaceful home and marriage, the best way that you can do is to make sure that your wife gets the attention that she needs, and takes her out once in a while. Give her presents and thank her for taking care of you and the family.

It doesn’t mean that since you’re married, you will just let her do household chores alone. Again, Marriage is a partnership, a union, so you need to ensure that your wife gets all the love and you will be happy too. You see it will resonate in your home.

But, don’t overdo it, you see, your wife might also take advantage of you. She will end up being demanding and this may be used against you. It should be a two process, you both need to be happy in your relationship. If you think that is becoming routine, your priorities will change, especially if you have kids.  You need to save a day for “US Time”, you have to rekindle the fire, by remembering the things you loved about your spouse, and why you got married in the first place.

Love is the best gift you can give and receive! If you have some experience that you want to share about Love, Life, and Relationships, let us know! We are streaming live on our podcast Lyfe and Shyt, with Tommy and Daneyel, we are not Love Gurus, but we can share with you a thing or two.

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