Coffee and Tea Business, and it’s popularity!

Coffee and Tea Business, statistically the best during these times.

Due to the Pandemic, there were a lot of businesses that decided to close since they can no longer sustain the expenses. There was a time when the virus spread like wildfire and affected a lot of people that the government decided to lockdown the cities and towns.

There was a point, when people are afraid to go out of their houses and chose to stay at home. It has been tough times for business owners who got affected, since they were advised to close. Even so, they still have to continue paying for the rent, due for other utility bills. They also have to take care of their employees and provide them with financial support.

Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops,Fastfoods,  these are a few of the businesses that were closed during the surge of the Covid-19 scare. It was quite depressing for most, especially to those who are used to just dine in, due to the busy lifestyle. No time to prepare food, are now obliged to do it themselves or else they will starve from hunger.

Good thing, as the days, weeks and months rolled and we welcomed 2021, we also received good news, the vaccines are available and some parts of the country are now back to business as usual. If you are a small business owner and you are planning to put a business, amidst the ongoing pandemic, yes, you still can!

Ever wondered, what is the best business this year 2021? It may thriving but it will still survive and with the right promotion and mindset, you will see dramatic changes and statistically proven due to its popularity.

Coffee Shop According to, about 60 percent of U.S. coffee drinkers visit a chain coffee shop at least once a month.

-the main purpose is to unwind, perhaps meet up and catch up with friends, or just to have coffee-me-time. This is a business that one can start with just a few tables and a minor investment with the equipment, and if you’re lucky enough to pick an area where a lot of people frequent.

Drive-thru, still very popular For people on the go, who are always looking for the fastest and easy way to get their favorite brew, research shows that it is still the go-to place for 50% of people in America, those who enjoy a caffeine kick to start of their day.

Global Demand for Coffee, despite the demands of people drinking coffee in the U.S , the country ranks 25th, which means that there are other countries with higher consumption.

Millennial Tea Drinker Stats Tea continues to grow market share in some areas. And most of the consumers are millennials in the 24-35 years old age demographic.

Tea Industry Statistics, Each day almost 159 million Americans drink tea. Expected revenue is to grow up to $81.6 billion by 2026.

Global Tea Consumption,  as the second most consumed drink in the world. Statistics show that annual consumption is 41 million liters annually.

Younger Tea Drinkers are growing, Generation Z has triggered the rise of this new beverage to be on demand.

Tea Market Types, every year, there will be new varieties of tea that will be added in the list. But the most common and on demand is for the health benefits that one can get. 

Daily Coffee Consumption, According to, the average consumption of coffee is 3.1 cups. Some even have more than the usual drinker.

Demands for Specialty Coffee Beverages. Most of the coffee drinkers nowadays would like a variety of specialty beverages from espresso, latte, cappuccino, iced/cold coffee at a premium price.

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