Coffee, Tea, or Me?

A popular phrase back in the day. But with much relevance in today’s needs. For a young mom to kickstart the day, to a young adult’s source of energy, and for everybody else who loves that extra kick with the aroma or to some who would like to have a subtle way of cooling down, or find it therapeutic after a quick massage.

We all have our favorite beverages and blends, some like it hot and some enjoy it cold. Whatever suits your preference, and gives you the satisfaction of a quick fix, go for it!

More often than not coffee and tea are somewhat related. They both have caffeine and they both have beneficial effects. 

Both of them increase your energy levels, including antioxidants that can fight off common diseases. It helps in reducing weight and can prevent cancer.

But we must always remember, that we have different needs, some may be sensitive to too much caffeine. So the better option is to have some tea. 

While Coffee gives you that instant kick, tea on the other hand gives you a smooth boost.

So what are you waiting for? We offer both, we are opening soon at Paradise Hills or you can visit our website


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