Business and Relationships, are they a perfect match or the best way

They say it’s a good thing if you find a partner who shares the same interests, someone who pushes you to achieve your goals, someone who will stand by you and hold your hand no matter what. Sounds perfect, right?

But every relationship goes through a lot of bumps and grinds, there are those happy moments but always expect the unexpected. If you rise above these all, then you are indeed with the right person.

What if you both decide to put up a business? There are times that you will end up having discussions about how you could grow your business, there will be times that you will both end up frustrated, but don’t let this ruin your relationship. These are just trials that you have to endure, after all, you both wanted to take the risk.

In Business and Relationships, there are 3 C’s that you need to always remember, C for Communication, if you are open about how you feel, and the other person is ready to listen, it will be easy for you to resolve any problem or situation that you will encounter. 

The 2nd C is for Commitment, if you have this, you are both dedicated to make things work against all odds, as long as you’re together, then you will reap what you sow in the end. Just as long as you focus on things that matter, you need to have time, for business and for personal dates, it wouldn’t hurt if you rest for a day and spend time with your partner!

And the last C, is for Compromise. It is given that in any relationship, we have the stronger personality, and the weaker one. If your partner thinks that he/she is lacking in the promotion department or sales, and you think that you can deliver. Talk and then delegate. Don’t let your partner feel inferior. That’s why you are partners, because you both have special qualities and you have to be each other's anchor.

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