5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips to get you through!

Now that we are facing this dreaded Covid-19 virus, it is important to follow the protocols and safety measures that the government and medical practitioners, front liners are asking to avoid the spread and protect ourselves by maintaining social distancing, wearing the appropriate masks and face shields, hand washing and disinfection using alcohol are advised.

It is our obligation as citizens to follow the rules mandated or just stay at home.

The more time we spend at home, the more we run out of ideas on what to do and we get easily bored. But don’t you think it’s the best way for you to spend more time with your family? You can start to develop a routine that you all can enjoy doing together.

Also, you can start to think about the 5 healthy lifestyle changes that you can do, if you aren’t practicing this before, then, you should start doing this and get the benefits from these tips:

  1. Eat a healthy diet. Set aside those chips, pizza, pasta, burger and other greasy food. I know, these are all-time favorites that most people eat while watching a movie, chilling with friends. But, these have high risk effects to your body. It can cause high blood pressure and other health risks.

Start eating healthy alternatives. You can have fruits and vegetables. Learn a new way on how to make salad dressings, invest in a blender and start making smoothies, try out yoga exercises and some tea after. This can help you improve your bowel movement for fiber rich fruits and try out a new concoction. 

  1. Get regular exercise. The only exercise I get is when I stand up, and get some water from the fridge. Try out a new sport with your family. Do something physical, you can do just in your home. Walking is one of the best cardio exercises that you can do anytime. It can also help you to see the beauty of nature and you can spend more time with your family while doing this. 

  1.  Stop smoking. One of the leading causes of deaths, worldwide. Smoking can cause cardiovascular disease and can also lead to stroke. If you are a non-smoker and you live with a person who smokes, you also have a higher chance of lung disease, heart illness, and respiratory disorder. 

  1. Stay at a healthy weight. There is no perfect weight. We have to base it on our Body Mass Index, and our height to be able to know our ideal weight. Sometimes, we only look at the physical features but we fail to check our actual body weight, which is very important for us to know which one we need to get rid off, fats and muscles go together hand in hand. Overweight and Obesity is one way that we can measure if we are healthy or not.

  1. Limit Alcohol Intake. It is true that our body needs alcohol from time to time. It was considered both tonic and poison. It may have its benefits but it also has its downside.

As long as it is in moderation, if you can consume around 4-5 glasses in a day, it won’t have any effect on your system. But if you drink the same amount everyday, you will be at risk and a great candidate to develop liver cirrhosis, diabetes, and other disorders.

We hope those tips helped. If you want to take a break from smoking or drinking and you need someone to talk to, just hop in to our podcast streaming on---with Tommy and Daneyel, where we can talk about anything under the sun!

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