Let’s talk about Love, Life and Relationships in between during the Pandemic!

Communication is important, be it in romantic relationships much more in business. You also need understanding from your partner, how can you communicate if the other person is not certain about what you are trying to say or if you want to point out something, you can never be sure that the receiver of the news thinks the same way that you do.

During the pandemic, it’s hard to meet and catch up. Although technology has many advances in bringing people together with apps that we can use to communicate with the people important to us. There is a downfall with the technology that we are enjoying right now.

Before, it was made to bridge the gap between worlds and people, but now, instead of making that connection, people in the same place would rather look at their gadgets than talk to the person next to them.

Love during the pandemic is quite hard. For single people, the dating scene is put on hold since we are not allowed to dine in and go outside to prevent spreading the virus and to protect ourselves as well. That is why a lot of single people resort to dating apps and other social media platforms. Do you think it’s possible to develop feelings, and affection towards someone that you only met on social media?

That is a big, YES! Why not? If you look back at the old times, our ancestors wrote letters, they were pen pals. They fell in love before they even met. There is a big chance that Love is possible during this time. 

How is everything going? A simple question, checking a friend who you’ve never talked to and seen for a long time because of the quarantine. A simple message could mean a lot to someone. It is important to have emotional support during this time, some people might be going through a lot right now. It can be depressing! So, if you have time, why don’t you check on someone and listen to what they have to say.

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