Coffee. Caffeine, and its side effects.

Coffee. Caffeine, and its side effects.

Just like any addiction, too much of something is bad enough. At first, it can be just a simple guilty pleasure, but once you habitually do it and you know that it would be bad for you, that is something that you need to stop, at once!

We already talked about the benefits that we get from Coffee, and how it helps in preventing some diseases and how it lowers the risk of acquiring some. We all know it's safe, but then drinking 6 cups/day may be normal to some but too much too for others and may cause dangerous side effects . 

Drinking in moderation is not just for alcohol. It can also be for food, or coffee.

Here are common side effects:

  1. Anxiety, drinking a lot of coffee may lead to a condition called “caffeinism”.

When you become dependent, it causes anxiety and agitation. Drinking too much and drinking more to get the same effect, will develop a withdrawal syndrome once you try to stop drinking. Which can be very harmful.


  1. Insomnia and Nervousness , because of the stimulating effect, if you drink too much, you won’t be able to sleep right away. Genetics can also become a factor too.

  1. Digestive problems, this is quite common, due to the laxative effect. Caffeine stimulates the bowel movement, large doses also causes loose stools, and diarrhea to some.

Although it can improve gut motility, it’s up to you to switch to tea if you think have had enough. 

  1. Rapid Heart Rate. Due to the stimulatory effect of the caffeine, this will make your heart beat faster. Only happens if you have large doses or depending on your threshold. Effects vary depending on your health and if you have an existing illness. That is why reducing intake is advised.

  1. Frequent Urination and Urgency. Another common side effect, due to the stimulation it affects the bladder. High intake can cause incontinence. If you feel the need to go to the loo often, then you should consider to lessen your intake.

Regular intake of coffee is ok, as long as it is in moderation. A high dosage can cause side effects and can affect your day-to-day activity. Also, the health benefits and side effects vary from one person to another. But let’s not wait until we experience health issues.

Now that we are aware. We can see for ourselves, how much we can tolerate.

Again, it’s beneficial but just the right dosage. So, what are you waiting for, get a cup now. Enjoy it with friends and family. We are opening soon in Paradise Hills, or you can visit us at


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